dear diary

these are my thoughts

12 May 1988
life is simple.



be =D
abercrombie and fitch, aim, american eagle, anniversaries, ashlee simpson show, astin martins, bacon, barry bonds, baseball, bath and bodyworks, batman, being in love, being with my friends, being with my sisters, best week ever, blue, body heat, boxers, brunettes, bubble baths, burning cds, burritos, chicken, christmas, clothes, cooking, cruising, crushes, cuddling, dancing, digging holes, driving cross country, dvds, eating, fairly odd parents, falling in love, fast cars, flip flops, food, football, forever 21, frappacinos, fried chicken, friends, fudge chocolate, funny faces, garlic bread, garlic fries, gay guys, giving presents, gloves, going out on dates, going to the, good looking guys, grandma's food, hawaii, hip-hop, hollister, home cooking, hot guys, hot tubs, ice cream, italy, jesse foppert, jewlery, jimmy choos, junk food, kissing, laguna beach, las veags, laughing, laundry mats, livestrong, louis vuitton, loveline, mah jong, make up, making out, massages, movies, my baby, my bed, my bestfriends, my birthday, my boyfriend, my hair, myspace, nachos, night, old navy, orchids, oreos and milk, organizing things, pajama bottoms, pasta, pepsi, popcorn chicken, popeyes, procrasination, r&b, raiders, rain, rap, reality tv shows, ringtones, salmon cream cheese, saying i'm sorry, scarfs, sexy shoes, sf giants, shoes, shopping, shower, siera mist, singing, singing in the car, singing in the shower, skinny dipping, slow dancing, smiling, snapple, snow, snowboarding, starbucks, steak, stilettos, summer, sunglasses, sunny weather, sunset, taco bell, taking pictures, talk shows, talkin on line, tan lines, tanning, tapioca express, tattos, tazo iced tea, texas hold 'em, thongs, traveling, tv, uno, valentines day, vanilla, wet seal, winter, xanga, xoxo